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Draw This Book: Pirate Adventure

Draw This Book: Pirate Adventure

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A day at the beach turns into an unexpected journey for YOU – the main character – as you draw your way through this pirate adventure story! Dive into the ocean, swim with tropical fish and get pulled onto the deck of a giant ship, then meet a terrifying pirate captain who threatens to make you walk the plank if ye don’t find some treasure, and fast!

Draw This Book is an exciting, new series that invites a child to help create their very own, one-of-a-kind, keepsake picture book. The words are all there, but most of the pictures are missing! Using pencils, crayons, markers – along with helpful directions inside – kids can craft their drawings, put themselves into the story and bring an adventure to life.

  • 32-page paperback
  • A4 sized
  • full-colour
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