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Draw This Book: Animal Party

Draw This Book: Animal Party

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A regular day turns into an absolute beastly bash for YOU – the main character – as you draw your way through this story! Draw dog, rabbit, sloth, monkey, llama, elephant and many more animals in their natural habitats. Help each one out of trouble and bring them to your bedroom for a realzoo of a do. But watch out: a fearsome lion is on the way!

Draw This Book is an exciting, new series that invites a child to help create their very own, one-of-a-kind, keepsake picture book. The words are all there, but most of the pictures are missing! Using pencils, crayons, markers – along with helpful directions inside – kids can craft their drawings, put themselves into the story and bring an adventure to life.

  • 32-page paperback
  • A4 sized
  • full-colour
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